Where dreams come true

Hello everyone!
It feels great to be writing again! At this exact moment, while I start writing about Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.51.58another of my incredible travel experiences, the sun is shining outside. There is not one cloud in the sky and the weather is just perfect! Spring has started to greet us here in Belgium; and is being warmly welcomed! Are you wondering what today’s weather has to do with this post? Well, it’s simple. The blue sky and sunshine takes me back to the summer of 2016. It takes me back to my most magical vacation ever; Disneyland.
After one month in Brazil, I came back to Europe in late July. My family wanted to spend a few days somewhere we could easily go by car. Euro Disney, in the suburbs of Paris and 4 hours away from Antwerp, seemed like a great idea. We went for three nights, which in my opinion is just the ideal time to spend there. Staying at a hotel in the Disney complex is very convenient, and enhances your experience even further. I would recommend Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel. This is located at Downtown Disney, within a 10 minutes walk from the parks.
Euro Disney is smaller than the Disney World in Orlando. The complex consists of two parks and the lively Downtown Disney. I have been to the Disney parks more than once, and whenever I go, I always start with the Disneyland Park. This is the main park. Its colours, musics, parades, and attractions create an outburst of magic. Without mentioning, of course, their adorable souvenirs and unique variety of snacks. Undeniably, the park eliminates reality from our minds. Its uplifting mood spreads amongst all visitors. Children and adults dance, laugh and sing; wearing Mickey Mouse headpieces, of course! It seems that the older I get, the more I believe in the characters! As they say, itScreen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.55.41‘s a place of “ageless fantasies, where dreams come true”.
When entering Disneyland, visitors will notice how they’ve reconstructed an American town in the 1920s. What they call their “Main Street” is filled with buildings from the time and retro Coca Cola billboards. Sleeping Beauty’s castle, at the end of the Main Street, gives the pretties photos you could take! I absolutely love flying on Dumbo’s back, visiting their spooky Haunted Mansion, and exploring the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you’re looking, however, for more thrilling adventures, there are definitely rides for you. Challenge gravity in the Space mountain roller coaster and explore a gold mine in the Big Thunder Mountain. You’ll certainly create great memories!
The second theme park is Walt Disney Studios, and it’s entrance is right next to Disneyland’s. Although this park does not have the same magical atmosphere, its rides are just as exciting! I must admit that my favourite ride is actually in this park. Crush’s Coaster takes us on a thrilling under the sea adventure. While the entrance to the attraction makes it attractive to young visitors, especially because of its Nemo theme, the ride is more appropriate for older visitors. Its high speed, sharp turns and steep falls might be too thrilling for the kids. Don’t worry! While the Crush Coaster and Hollywood Tower Hotel will make you scream as loud as you can, the young ones can still find huge entertainment! Walt Disney Studios park is home to one of Disney’s latest attractions. This is the Ratatouille ride. In this 3D simulator we are taken through a tour around the movie’s famous kitchen. It’s just amazing how the smells of the dishes and heat of the stoves were perfectly implemented into the experience.
To make your trip even more memorable, you cannot miss Disney Dreams at  Disneyland park. This is a light and firework show which illuminates Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Images of Disney movies and characters are projected on the outside of the castle. The show lasts for approximately 20 minutes, and takes place right before the park’s closing hours. It is a breathtaking, remarkable experience for the whole family! I was very impressed and Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 16.18.38would certainly watch it again a next time. If you are planning to watch the Disney Dreams show, my tip is to arrive at least 30 minutes before it starts. This will guarantee you with a good spot, quite close to the castle.
Today, after sharing my incredible experience with you, my message is simply: keep dreaming!
See you soon,

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